Great Gifts for the Pond owner

Here are just a few items you might consider for the special pond owner in your life at gift giving times, whether he be a spouse, father, or good friend. While you can not likely give a special fish or know what pond equipment they may need there are some generic options for every pond keeper.

  • BOOKS! For the koi enthusiast there is no better book to give than Koi Kichi or Koi2Kichi. For others please see my Bookspage.
  • Gift certificates from their favorite pond/fish store, or generic gift cards to be used for supplies.
  • A personal coupon – Good for one (or more) filter cleanings or other pond tasks.
  • Gift basket – Restock supplies, fish food, fish treats, water test kits, water declorinator, a new pH meter, etc…
  • Outdoor furniture for the enjoyment of the pond – New Adirondack chair, firepit, hammock, garden bench, planters, etc…

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