Automated Koi Feeder

koifeeder So I’m getting too lazy or too old to remember to feed the fish everyday. The pond is running smoothly so I don’t need to baby sit it every day.
I am also considering the fact that the cost of paying a teenager to feed my fish daily when I go on vacation is fairly expensive. So I invested in a basic automated feeder. I purchased this one on EBAY for a mere $60. There are other models with fancier features but this one met my needs. My only issue is that the food drops out of the bottom rather than a side chute so it must be suspended over the pond. It also only releases a small amount but can be programmed to feed up to 4 times per day.

Options to consider when choosing your feeder:
1) How much food is dispensed? fixed amount or variable? Is it enough for your fish?
2) Where is food dispensed? Bottom, side?
3) Is the system programmable? How many feedings per day and how much food?
4) Placement requirements – Suspended above pond vs pond side
5) Aesthetics – Product design is always a consideration for our gardens
6) Automated vs on Demand – Some feeders allow you to teach your fish to pull a string to get food.
7) Battery vs solar? – Rechargeable batteries may be a good option.
8) Cost – price can vary drastically by construction and features. Will a plastic feeder hold up as well as a metal one?
9) Build your own – There are DIY instructions out there if you are so inclined.
10) Capacity of the feeder – Consider how fast food may spoil vs your needs to not be there to feed.
11) Is there a manual feed button – Some have this feature so you can feed while you are there.

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