Pond conditions 2017

The pond is running smoothly but I have some issues to deal with this year.
Filters are doing a great job and the mesh is holding up well, though I must admit I am not cleaning as often as I should once it gets cool outside.
The pump has been running continuously for 7 years so it is not working as well as it used to. I have ordered a new basket for it since the current one is split.
The automated feeder died after a couple of years so I will likely look for a different brand and hopefully find one that is impervious to attacks from squirrels.
I have a small leak somewhere and am losing about 45 gallons a week so need to find that, but at same time that forces me to add fresh water and keep an eye on things.
I replaced the UV Light last year with the newer Jobao model and it works fine.
The air pump may need new parts this year too.

I may finally get around to building a deck and rail around the pond this summer as my netting support/winter cover is looking a bit weathered and rotting in some places.
Time to replace the bird netting too.

The koi are large now and seem healthy and their colors are still vibrant. We have had two mild winters in the Atlanta area so they are eating for longer periods throughout the year. Ordered some multi-season food on March 1. Since I have not been visiting daily to feed them they have become skittish again.

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