Why this blog?

Pond ownership is an adventure. As we mere humans try to mimic or outsmart mother nature to enhance our lives, we find there are many trials, tribulations, and even some successes in managing our own water features whether it be a barrel on a patio, or a swimming pool sized Koi pond, or natural lake.

This blog is an attempt to capture my own discoveries so that others can learn and be spared mistakes I have made. There is wide and conflicting information from sellers of products to amateur gardeners whose experiences lead us to particular beliefs about water gardening. I can only share my experience with my Pond and life it brings to my heart and home.

About Me:

I am a web developer by trade, not a writer. But I am equally fascinated with writing down my experiences as I am with maintaining my backyard pond. So forgive me if this blog is not as interesting as the latest John Clancy novel or Thoreau’s works of Walden Pond. I will try to add content from others who are more prolific.

I have been married to my beautiful wife for over 20 years. We have two children and a dog (who is more like a spoiled 3rd child). The pond is my midlife mistress and requires almost as much attention as my family.  I grew up in North Florida surrounded by water and moved to Atlanta after graduating high school and have remained in the area.

Water seems to relax me.  I look forward to our annual beach vacations.  I often seek out  a day sail or pirate cruise during vacation to help melt the year’s stress away. I am not much of a fisherman, nor naturalist. I do enjoy a nice hike to a waterfall and will lug 30 pounds of gear to get a mediocre picture.  I can sit and stare at water for hours and not feel the slightest inkling of guilt for wasting time.

Thank you for visiting.


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