JQuery Confirm

The standard JavaScript confirm prompt allows you to ask a question and the user can respond with ok or cancel. But suppose you want them to have the choice of sign-up and non-now? This allows you to guide the user to more selling or information gathering pages. JQuery has a plug-in for confirm that allows you the ability to change the buttons. What is even more interesting is that no pop-up is necessary. You can change the value of a link, button, and even text to the options you want to offer. There may be times when one is more appropriate than the other. For a full demo visit http://nadiana.com/jquery-confirm-plugin

Standard Javascript confirm usage:
var answer = confirm('Are you ready to take action?'){
if (!answer) {
//if cancel
do something
do something
vs. Confirm Plugin
// The action.
$('span').mouseover(function() {
$(this).html('Here is the offer');
msg:'See my interesting offer?',
buttons: {
cancel:'No thanks',
separator:' '

Cup size   
Select size then click on coffee cup.
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