Web Site Checklist

Here are some of the many things to consider when building a website:

– What is the max you are willing to spend initially and over time.
– In house resources vs hiring freelance Graphic Designers, Copywriters, Developers, Project Managers.

– Domain Registration included or through additional 3rd party
– Shared, Virtual Private Server, Dedicated Server
– Database support
– Software support (PHP5, PERL, ASP, etc…)
– User Tools for site management (C-Panel, FTP, other)
– Cost vs Volume of visitors
– Email capabilities
– Multiple domain support
– Storage (unlimited or fixed)

– Concept – Brochure, Shopping, Lead generation, News source/knowledge base/Blog.
– Some developers can create design and manage art
– Graphic artist can be used for site design, logos, images
– Image rights and purchasing art
– In house artwork/images quality
– Custom Site vs Template vs DIY Site creators
– Variable Layout for large monitors, tablets, small devices
– Fonts – Typography custom, licensed, standard
– Interactivity/Motion graphics

– custom site vs template
– Content Management System / Blog vs Joomla vs true CMS, vs Custom CMS
– Ecommerce (online store, banking, payment systems, shipping, warehousing)
– Database applications
– Site traffic tracking
– Mail Forms and Business Information gathering
– A/B page Testing
– APPs for phones/small devices
– Information gathering – Forms, history, preferences

SEO {Search Engine Optimization}
– DIY site content/text
– Professional copywriter to create site content
– Site structure and choice of software
– Industry Keywords, Ranking
– A/B Page analysis
– Tracking visitors usage

– How will you promote your site?
– Will your site have advertising from 3rd parties?
– Landing pages featuring targeted messages
– Link Swapping or Natural inbound links
– Paid Search
– Email Marketing campaigns/ customer outreach
– Affiliates programs

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