HTML 5 and frameworks

In rebuilding my site I have been brushing up on HTML5 and CSS3 and looking into the future to determine how I can best serve my clients with modern code that is also backwards compatible. In the process I stumbled upon some interesting HTML5 frameworks.

The frameworks supply the basic HTML5 tags, CSS elements, Javascript methods, and other code bits that make a page work in most browsers. They provide layout options as well as functionality tools. These frameworks are not the same as a CMS or MVC framework. Instead they are a guide in how to create a page that is robust and well supported. Each framework seems to have a different focus. Some use a conventional blog structure while others are more traditional web spaces. Most of the frameworks are responsive to various screen sizes and feature variable grid layouts.

If I were to build a framework here is what I would add/want:

  1. 1) Responsive fluid layout options to fit any screen width. Mainly CSS
  2. 2) Javascript tools like modernize, jquery, etc…
  3. 3) Navigation options with dropdown/flyout support. Offer Horizontal and Vertical layout options via CSS.
  4. 4) Support for PHP so I can reuse code modules and provide an active state to navigation
  5. 5) How-to documentation or links to references – The fault of many framework developers is they assume users know how to use it
  6. 6) Alternative layouts predefined samples for faster development – Not everyone wants a header – 2column, footer structure but there are several layouts that could be considered “normal”.
  7. 7) Database and CMS/editor to manage it all – but that might limit some design options and yet also opens up the framework to hacks, templating, widgets, and other shortcuts which may make the whole site more robust.

I like the G5Framework for a basic site without CMS. I will still likely use WordPress for Non-ecommerce sites that require a CMS. I need to review a couple of HTML5 templates and see if they can provide what I need and will support child template development for customization. For eCommerce I still like OSCOMMERCE or ZEN CART but will have to look into HTML5 templates. I am still not a fan of JOOMLA for the average site owner. It is great for developers.

IF you have a favorite HTML5 framework or CMS please use the comments below and let me know.

FOUND – a nice create your own HTML 5 basic page.

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