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Webdeveloper, Photographer, political junkie.

Eric Searing Photography Blog

I’ m getting back into photography again and have started a new photography blog. Eventually it will be come a more traditional portflolio space. You can view it at:  

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Remove dollar formatting

Sometimes users will not follow instructions and will include $ signs and dollar formatting when providing dollar amounts.  Here is the fix. #rereplace(new_value, “[^\d.]”, “”, “ALL”)#

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HTTP Header Variables

The company passes certain header variables to my website that I can use for security and tracking of users. I needed a way to see these values on a test page.  Fortunately there is a simple dump of header variables … Continue reading

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CFC Bind errors

I can never seem to write a componenct without some sort of error in the SQL or in the structure. Here is my list of things to check if I can not find the error. In the bind statement make sure … Continue reading

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Odd SQL Server Error message

This one took me a few minutes to figure out. “Incorrect syntax near ‘@P2’. “. At first I thought my Colfusion server was having an issue with an email address I was inserting but the “P2” was not in the … Continue reading

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