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Twitter Bootstrap Framework

For the last few days I have used Twitter’s Bootstrap framework to build a couple of pages. It is responsive to screen widths (mostly) and can conform to HTML 5 practices. I found it to be a bit heavy on … Continue reading

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HTML 5 and frameworks

In rebuilding my site I have been brushing up on HTML5 and CSS3 and looking into the future to determine how I can best serve my clients with modern code that is also backwards compatible. In the process I stumbled … Continue reading

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Date Subtraction or Difference

Sometimes you need to know the differences between two dates in days months years whatever. SQL SERVER select datediff(day,date1, date2) as days_diff, datediff(month,date1, date2) as months_diff… Can also do year, quarter, week, hour, minute, and second dateparts. Dates can be … Continue reading

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JQuery DatePicker Plugin

I had the need for a calendar datepicker in a recent project and could not use Coldfusion’s input datefield. I am building the form on the fly and loading form elements from a database using a CFC and a bunch … Continue reading

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JQuery Confirm

The standard JavaScript confirm prompt allows you to ask a question and the user can respond with ok or cancel. But suppose you want them to have the choice of sign-up and non-now? This allows you to guide the user … Continue reading

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