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Custom Design – Simple Fees

eSearing Creative offers a low cost, simple fee for for creating or updating your HTML/PHP standard website. Generally the pricing for development is $49 per page (or hourly). Additional charges apply for add-ons, photography, and image management. I try to find ways to save you money on hosting options and free features included in your hosting package.

I pass through fees I encounter during development at no additional markup. I quote each job independently, and only charge for actual production time. I bill for production hours, not research or testing hours. All pricing will be discussed and documented before work begins.

Minimum site fee $490 (includes upto 10 pages, does not include hosting).

Custom Design Maintenance Costs

Periodically you may need your site to be updated. I often teach site owners how to manage their own content so my services are not needed. However, if you are uncomfortable with the technology or have more important use of your time, then I am happy to maintain your site for my an hourly wage($50/hr) and will generally bill quarterly.

All other costs will be quoted during initial meeting or as they are discovered. There are many designers and developers out there with a wide range of pricing. I charge what I feel is a fair price for my time and effort.

Content Managed Sites

If you would like more control over your website content without maintenance fees, we have several CMS options.

WordPress site – Customized to your design or template. You use the admin panel to add new pages and articles or to update existing text. There are a wide variety of plugins and hacks that allow you to use wordpress to build a very dynamic site.  $999.00

Dreamweaver/Contribute Template Site – Use your copy of Dreamweaver or Contribute to manage the content in tightly controlled areas. The custom site is designed for use with general layout templates so you can modify the content and view changes before release. Adobe prices for Dreamweaver $399, Contribute $199.  Add $299 setup costs to custom site.

Website Templates – Website templates from sites like templateMonster.com offer some unique design features including flash elements, xml content, and customized fonts. Due to the variety of template options pricing will begin at $799 + costs of template.

ColdFusion and PHP Applications – If you want a data driven design or need custom applications we offer Coldfusion or PHP development. Your entire site can be driven from a database and we can develop custom management tools for you to input/update your content.

Billing Options

Standard billing for a complete site is 25% of estimated costs once we agree to build the site. 50% is due as site nears completion. And the remaining 25% is due upon completion and all items are signed off. Allows owner maximum flexibility to continue relationship with developer or utilize others services for future maintenance.

NEW! Monthly/Quarterly billing – Estimated cost of site + any additional costs incurred + hosting costs + hourly maintenance + 10% fee spread over 12 months. 1/12th or 1/4th is due a beginning of site development. Can be billed monthly or quarterly. Requires 2 year commitment to Hosting and Maintenance. Second year items are billed as incurred monthly/quarterly. Lower initial outlay costs and guaranteed maintenance. Can be terminated if any remaining amount due is paid in full.

Checks and or Paypal accepted.