August 2012 Pond Conditions Calendar

August 2012 Pond Conditions Calendar

water temp 82*, air temp 75-93*, pH 7.5, Nitrite 0-.25
I turned off the UV a couple of weeks ago and the pond is still relatively clear. There is some string algae and much of the algae growing on the walls. My pH as stabilized around 7.4-7.5. Nitrites are still existent but very low. I dumped in a double dose of Microbe Lift PL bacteria and did a massive water change by accident. Not sure which was more beneficial or if they are working in combination. Last few days have been hot and dry with only 1 day of rain. Performed mid week filter cleaning and replaced about 200 gallons. Moved air from pond to filter to see what happens. May need second air pump or split the air in two lines.

Water temp 76*, air Temp 74-91*, pH 7.4(morning), Nitrite 0
No Nitrites after weekend filter clean and adding air to the filter. Matala green matting was packed with poo and bio waste. Was a nasty cleanout. Water change around 10%. Fish are doing well but have somewhat reduced color in the hot temps. Still adding 3tbls of koi clay every few days. Water hyacinth are growing beyond the veggie filter and are working their way toward the falls. No blooms yet.

Water temp 78*, air Temp 74-88*, pH 7.6 (evening), Nitrite 0
water slightly cloudy green but still able to see fish and bottom. Reduced feeding last few days due to busy schedule.

Water temp 75*, air temp 72-85*, pH 7.4 (morn), Nitrite 0, Nitrate 40**
Purchased new Nitrate test kit and it is showing nitrates, where my old kit was reading 5.
Weekly filter clean and water change of 15%. Some rain the last few days helping too. Switched back to Pondcare declorinator with stresscoat and ammonia remover. Will monitor Nitrites and Nitrates next few days. Feeding twice a day to help fatten up fish for cooler weather while temps are not as hot.

air-temp 70-90*, pH 7.4(eve), Nitrite 0, Nitrate 20-40.

weekly water change and filter clean, double dump. Nitrates creeping up again. Thinning out the hyacith and feeding it to the fish may be increasing ammonia output.

Air temp 68-88*, pH 7.7(eve), Nitrates 20
Nitrates are coming down finally likely due to reduced feeding.

water temp 74*, airtemp 68-87*, pH 7.5, Nitrites 0, Nitrates 20-40.
Water is turning green and cloudy. some rain last night. Only one filter dump this week.
UV has been off for several weeks.

airtemp 70-85*, pH 7.5, Nitrite 0, Nitrates 10-20.
Turned UV back on to reduce green water. Did 2 mid week dumps so far.

Nitrate test kit $9
Pondcare declorinator $23
water bill $19 – Some water used for gardening and by painters.
Shinju food – $90. 2 months supply.

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