The following are books I have read and can recommend. Check your local library or try the amazon links for best buys on used books. I will add more over time.

Other Books:
A Practical Guide to Building And Maintaining a Koi Pond: An Essential Guide to Building And Maintaining, Keith Holmes et al., ISBN-10: 1842860631
Advanced Koi Care, Dr. Nicholas Saint-Erne
An Essential Guide to Choosing Your Koi Colour Varieties: An Essential Guide to Choosing Your Koi, Nick Fletcher, ISBN-10: 184286064X
Basic Koi Ponds, Filters & Water Quality, AKCA
Fascinating Koi, Harald Bachmann, ISBN-10: 3931702413  
Filter Guide, AKCA
How to Keep Koi: an Essential Guide, David Twigg,
Judging and Buying Koi, AKCA
Keeping Koi, Nancy Wisner et al., ISBN 0-8069-3882-X
Koi (Complete Pet Owner’s Manual), George Blasiola , ISBN 0-7641-2852-3
Koi 1: Go Sanke Varieties, Harald Bachmann, ISBN 978-3-9811622-2-6
Koi 2 Kichi, Peter Waddington, ISBN 0-9530667-3-8
Koi 2: Kawari Varieties, Harald Bachmann, ISBN 978-3-9811622-3-3
Koi an Owner’s Guide to a Happy Healthy Fish, Gregory Skomal, ISBN  1-58245-032-3
Koi and Garden Pools, Dr. Herbert Axelrod
Koi Appreciation: The First Step, Kate McGill, ISBN 1-86126-468-2
Koi Breeding, Shmuel Rothbard, ISBN-10: 0793802164  
Koi for Dummies, R. D. Bartlett et al., ISBN 978-0-470-09913-1
Koi for Home and Garden, Glenn Y. Takeshita
Koi Health and Disease 2006 Reload, Dr. Eric L. Johnson
Koi Kichi, Peter Waddington, ISBN 0-9526381-0-X
Koi Living Jewels of the Orient, Steve Hickling ed., ISBN 0-7641-5448-6
Koi Medicine, Lance Jepson, ISBN-10: 1852791772
Koi of the World, Dr. Herbert Axelrod
Koi Varieties: Japanese Colored Carp-Nishikigoi, Dr. Herbert Axelrod
Koi, Grant Fujita
Koi: A Handbook on Keeping Nishikigoi, Servaas de Kock et al, ISBN 1-84537-040-6
Kokugyo Volume 1, Mamoru Kodama, ISBN 4-88024-255-1
Kokugyo Volume 2 Nishikigoi Development, Mamoru Kodama
Live Jewels, Masayuki Amano
Manual of Koi Health, Keith Holmes et al., ISBN 1-55297-977-6
Manual of Nishikigoi, Dr. Takeo Kuroki (HARD TO FIND)
Nishikigoi Still Waters, Nigel Caddock, ISBN 0-9530667-0-3
Nishikigoi Textbook, Grant Fugita
Nishikigoi: Fancy Koi, Takehiko Tamaki
Nutrition Guide, AKCA
Pond Construction Guide, AKCA
Step by Step Advanced Koi Diagnosis & Treatments, Duncan Griffiths – EBOOK – Online only, not sold at Amazon.
The Completely Illustrated Guide to Koi, Dr. Herbert Axelrod
The Cult of the Koi, Michugo Tamadachi
The Enigma of Koi, Barry Goodwin, ISBN 0-9526576-1-9
The Essential Book of Koi, Bernice Brewster et al., ISBN 978-0-7938-0623-2
The Guide to Owning Koi, David Boruchowitz, ISBN 0-7938-0373-X
The Infiltration Book of Koi, Peter Waddington
The Koi Doctor, Dr. Maarten Lammens, ISBN 9080856630
The Professional’s Book of Koi, Anmarie Barrie
The Super Simple Guide to Koi, Brian Scott, ISBN 0-7938-3450-3-1
The Tetra Encyclopedia of Koi, Bernice Brewster et al, ISBN 1-56465-145-2
The Ultimate Koi, Nick Fletcher ed., ISBN 1-58245-129-X
The World of Koi, Keith Holmes et al., ISBN  0-7641-2988-0

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